Proud to be part of the Microsoft Innovation Showcase Last Night

Thanks Microsoft for having us as one of your featured Microsoft Innovation Centre Startups at last nights Microsoft Innovation Showcase and to launch the Customer Access Program (CAP) in Australia. CAP is a program that is aimed at introducing Microsoft’s customers with a portfolio of startups who have been identified as being today’s top entrepreneurs. Last night at the Jade Buddah Shadow Lounge on the beautiful Brisbane River about 100 people turned out at the event put on by Microsoft to showcase some of their awesome startups to Government and Corporates to foster collaboration between startups and those corporates and Government departments trying to innovate faster. In Microsoft’s words “The Innovation Showcase is an opportunity to meet Microsoft supported startups and make valuable connections with some of the most innovative and high potential companies operating in Queensland today. The Showcase will also offer deep insights into the current innovation ecosystem and industry trends that are on the horizon”.

SixPivot becomes a Microsoft cloud solutions provider

SixPivot are pleased to announce that we have become a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) under the Tier 2 program with Rhipe. Rhipe is as an Authorised wholesaler of Microsoft’s public cloud offerings in Australia, including Office365, Windows InTune, Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) status for SixPivot enables us to offer the full portfolio of Microsoft cloud licensing options to support private, hybrid, hosted and public cloud offerings for our customers. Being a CSP, enables us to offer Licensing, Monthly invoicing, Customer support and Provisioning and managing our client subscriptions.

Combine this with SixPivot’s services such as our Cloud Envisioning workshop and roadmap along with Cloud Ctrl, our cloud management platform we can fully manage our customers Cloud journey, supporting the entire lifecycle and providing a truly hosted support capability. It also means we can work with you to innovate on the full Microsoft Cloud stack.

Innovation on your doorstep

Thank you so much to Anthony Dow who invited me along on behalf of Regional Development Moreton Bay to the 2016 Moreton Bay Innovation Awards Gala dinner. I am constantly amazed by the innovation on our doorstep that we never knew existed, real people getting on and just doing it! The awards were a fantastic showcase of local Queensland innovation with many who are exporting internationally, you can check out the winners and some of the award entrants the video case studies are fantastic.

The Hon. Wyatt Roy, Federal Member for Longman and Assistant Minister for Innovation attended as did the Hon. Leanne  Enoch, MP for Algester and Qld Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business as well as a whole host of others. It was great to see such support for true innovation in our communities by all levels and sides of government.  Wyatt Roy’s passion and enthusiasm for innovation and truly trying to move policy forward to embrace the future to enable innovation and those seeking to make a difference in our world in regards to sustainability and jobs growth was undeniable.

Some of my favourites were:

  • Defenda Tag who won the Sesame Lane/ Think 2 Be Foundation Emerging Innovation- Defenda Tag game was originally designed by Kung Fu Master Aaron Turnbull to best prepare children for real self-defence scenarios.
  • The New Eye Company who won the Telstra Established Innovation of the year award (and they’ve just returned from being on Shark Tank). They’ve created a clip in prescription lense that can be put into their own range or other safety glasses that are inexpensive compared to traditional script safety glasses.
  • And one of the finalists Northern Light Technologies (NLT) were the first company in the world to introduce Wi-Fi networks to underground coal mines with some of the largest mining companies globally still relying on and using their technology. They are best known for their cap lamp technology.

There were so many others doing outstanding things and seeing significant growth. The thing I love most about nearly all of these innovators is they are dedicated to supporting jobs, production and manufacturing within their region as much as possible. They are leading examples of great innovation and that you can literally scale your business from anywhere and take on the world. Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners and I encourage anyone reading this post to checkout their stories on the facebook page. And if you get an opportunity to attend something similar in your local region- do so, you will be amazed at the talented people who surround you every day.

Can you Verify your Cloud Decision?

The ability for CIOs to be able to verify adopting a cloud strategy is a major trend in 2016. “If a prime lure of cloud technology strategies is cost reduction and efficient resource utilization, then CIOs must be able to verify that they’re getting those benefits. Cloud analytics solutions that allow for digging into both usage and billing data will give IT leaders the power to quickly spot potentially costly services and prevent budget overruns.. all from mobile.” Cloud Ctrl can provide you with all the analytics, usage, billing data and forecasting you need.

Government Move to Cloud

There is no doubt that government is moving to cloud services what we see today is just the beginning of an evolutionary shift. The Australian Commonwealth “spends about AU$5 billion per year on IT, so spending AU$30 million on cloud computing is only a start”. For those building products who still believe that government is reluctant to embrace the cloud and SaaS evolution think again!

Microsoft Donates $1billion in cloud computing to NFP

Well done Microsoft donating a $1 billion in cloud computing resources over the next 3 years to 70,000 non-profits and NGOs. SixPivot will have an exciting announcement on how we plan to help Australian based charities in line with initiatives such as this from some of the world’s largest vendors- we might not be able to commit at the same level as Microsoft but we will certainly do what we can – stay tuned!