Date: Saturday, 17th September } Time: 08:30am to 05:30pm } Venue: NSI Tafe NSW – St Leonards Campus, Sydney, Australia

Join Australian Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), Industry Experts and SixPivot’s Bill Chesnut for a one day of accelerated learning about innovative technologies. Industry expert speakers will present based on their real world experience in short action packed sessions. And the best thing is the event is absolutely free.

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Bill will be presenting the following two topics on the day:

API Management and Hybrid Integration

Microsoft MVP and Cloud Evangelist Bill Chesnut will be discussing and demonstrating how API Management can be the base for your Hybrid Integration design and how APIM’s built-in features such as authentication/authorization, reporting, policies, the development portal and more can both facilitate the implementation of your solution and improve operational management of your hybrid integration scenarios.

Introducing Microsoft PowerApps

​ ​Microsoft MVP and Cloud Evangelist Bill Chesnut will be discussing and demonstrating how Microsoft PowerApps enable people to generate applications that run on mobile devices that connect to resources in both Microsoft Azure, as well as other SaaS providers including SharePoint, Office365, Salesforce, DropBox, and many more. Bill will discuss how PowerApps work and demonstrates creating a PowerApp.


About Bill

Bill Chesnut is the Cloud Platform & API Evangelist for SixPivot, based in Melbourne Australia (although he travels regularly), with 33 years of experience across multiple industries, including Government, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics and Utilities. He has been involved in all aspects of Integration from architecture, solution design, implementation, solution development and environment support using both BizTalk and Azure. He is also a Microsoft Integration Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP). Bill has been involved with Azure, BizTalk and BizTalk Training since the BizTalk 2000 release and has designed, implemented and mentored on numerous BizTalk project throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Bill will be starting a roadshow of one day training workshops on Azure Integration, to find our more please email with Azure Training in the subject line or checkout our blog again in the future for updates.

Chris Giblert @DDDPerth “An Agile Retrospective”

DDD Perth ( (@dddperth on twitter) 27th August 2016

 One of the core principles behind Agile software development is being retrospective and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. In this session you will see us do that on a macro scale. As consultants we’ve seen more than our fair share of Agile done right and Agile done poorly as well as everything in between.

Back in 2011, Rob made a prediction on his blog that “within the next 5 years Agile won’t exist anymore because everyone will be doing it; kind of like what happened to Object Orientation”. Now, on first thought, a talk about Agile in 2016 seems a bit outdated. The problem is, to this day a lot of companies/teams still can’t get it right and we have famous Agile advocates saying things like “Agile is dead”. So, while Rob’s prediction hasn’t completely held true, it’s still a good time to reflect on it.

This session will cover a bunch of stuff that we notice all the time across multiple companies that doesn’t hold true against the values and principles of the Agile manifesto, we’ll blow a hole through all of the strawman arguments we hear day in, day out, and we will inject some enthusiasm and experience by describing the techniques we use to stay true to the original values and principles of Agile and helps us consistently deliver great software outcomes.