SixPivot sponsor 21st Century Scientist all day workshop 20 May

We are super proud to be working with FUEL | Girl Shaped Flames. This time round we are sponsoring TWO girls to attend the upcoming 21st Century Scientist 1 day workshop with some amazing women in Science Candice Michelle Goodwin, Katarzyna Kępa, Talitha Best, Chamindie Punyadeera, Tacha Mulligan and Jordan Debono. To score one of our free tickets for a teenage girl you know hit up Tanya Meessmann  but don’t worry you can get your teen girl into the workshop for $99 by using code 21CSCI at checkout if you miss out on our free spots.


Microsoft HoloLens

Our TuServ’s command and control centre, lets the officers co-ordinating a major incident view information on multiple, virtual screens. Officers in these forces already use the mobile TuServ app to capture incident reports and evidence on phones and tablets and that feeds directly into the command and control interface, alongside maps and other relevant information. “HoloLens is expensive, but a command and control room that you only use a few times a year is more experience,” points out Rob Hancock, Black Marble’s development director. #police  #officers #virtualreality #mixedreality

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