At SixPivot we operate our own innovation hub that surveys the market and builds the new generation of products. We believe in untapped innovation- we spin up ideas and we fail earlier and often in the pursuit to embrace that next big idea.

We understand the world is not about Big Data, it’s about data patterns and creating products that become enablers. We make sense of all those numbers and create products that not only analyse but showcase trends in packaged software specific to industry and we do this on the principles of open data.

We believe in the connected world, the internet of things and how we can create software that enables business and the community to rethink and reimagine what’s possible.

We invest in the future of software and what some of the best minds can create for business and humanity.


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The one place to Manage, Monitor, Anayse and Switch your cloud resources. Cloud Ctrl is a multi-cloud service management platform and software tool that acts as a brokering service, dashboard and management portal to enable organisations to manage subscriptions, services and make decisions in regards to their cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google etc.

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Developed with operational police officers for operational police officers, tuServ is a revolutionary approach to digitising modern policing. It is designed to put the emphasis on crafting process and technology around operational needs, through improved accuracy, leading to more efficient use of resources.

tuServ enables officers to access all relevant data systems from a single point, removing a dependency on paper-based systems. Running on both mobile phones and tablet computers, officers can be equipped with the most appropriate device without sacrificing functionality.

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